A day in the life of a Skating Coach, Part 2

Time for some administration.

There’s a good deal of preparation for coaching sessions, then there’s reading up on the skating rules, planning routines and editing the music.

A trip next week to choreograph for my Bulgarian Ice Dancers means checking up on tickets, luggage and shuffling the work schedule.

And the less glam side; making sure the business side of business gets read/filed/paid. So time for a coffee and screen time.

Coffee and computers (plus combo)

As usual, there’s not time to get it all done before it’s time to get back to the ice.

My next student today took to the ice only 4 years ago, but has already competed nationally and internationally. To say she loves to skate is an understatement.

Meet Katy.

This belongs to me!


Why does she look so pleased in this picture? Well, that’s a rather good forward inside counter she just skated, and with a little help from my marker pen, you can see the near invisible trace her blade left on the ice too.

Katy applies herself to improve at a rapid pace and skates almost daily to chase her goals.

Speaking of chasing goals, after a fun lesson with Katy it’s time for lunch!

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