A day in the life of a Skating Coach, Part 3

Lunch was just what the doctor ordered. Vitaliy is a really good cook, so a warm bowl of Chilli at home thaws me out quickly.

In true tag-team style, Vitaliy is out the door for his time with his ice skating students. I’ll be joining him in a little while. In the mean time, check emails text messages and tweek the coaching schedule (a never-ending process).

Last session of the day is all about grass-roots ice skaters. After school hours the ice rink is a haven for folks wanting to learn the basics.

For the second time today I am so happy to walk in to work and see two of my students this evening are already rehearsing and remembering all we worked on last time. High levels of self-motivation are an asset to any skater.
Time to make a coffee, get my skates on and quickly jot down some notes for this blog!

Gloves, iPod, Coffee, Action!

Out on the ice, I enjoy watching Vitaliy instructing a group enrolled on the Skate UK classes. The kids in his class look like they’re having fun 😀

On this session I’m doing my favourite thing, taking skaters through their first routines using their newly acquired jumps and spins.

End of the session and time to take off the skates. Must keep the blades from getting rusty by drying with a cloth and putting on my soakers. Yes, even coaches need to look after their skates….ahem (no matter how battered the boots look)

They’re not pretty, but I love them anyway

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  1. admin

    That day may be sooner than you think Katy!

  2. Katy S

    Your skates always make me feel that I’m not working hard enough ))) I hope my boots look like the same one day! 😉

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