How to enter an ice skating competition

Yay! Congratulations, you’ve graduated from SkateUK and worked on your routine with your Coach, you may even have your outfit already….now for the hard part!

Entering your first NISA Open Ice Skating Competition takes a few well-timed administrative steps.  But miss one detail and you could miss out on your event!

Items and info you must have:

  • Your signed NISA SkateUK Star Awards Registration Document (If you can’t find yours, you can order one HERE)NISA Registration pic
  • Your NISA membership number (Join HERE)
  • Your List of Elements (in abbreviated format and in the order you skate them, ask your Coach)
  • Also from your Coach; Their NISA Number, IJS & Field Move Seminar Dates and Venues

Conveniently, some entry forms can be completed online while some events only allow entry fee payment online but need the forms printing off to post.

Beginner level Ice Skating events are always heavily subscribed, so check the List of Open Competitions on the NISA website regularly to avoid disappointment or getting stuck on a waiting list.

Best of luck!

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