The Competition Bag

Be prepared, be like Santa, make a list and check it twice!


Every Ice Skater, every athlete, develops rituals around preparing for competitions, especially as they become more independent of parental support. But no matter who is packing the bag(s) for competition day, they need to have thought of everything!  And that is where a list comes in handy.

Your list will be uniquely yours with a few universal necessities (Ice Skating Boots, Guards, Costume, Music, etc.)  Type it up, save it (because it will change over time) and use it Every Single Time.

If this is your first competition you may have imagined how it will all run smoothly but Murphy’s law says:

Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong

Just ask anyone who has already done their first competition!  So why risk leaving out a spare pair of laces for your boots, a spare copy of your music and at least 3 pairs of tights?

Are you a seasoned competitor? No resting on your laurels!  As you become more serious about your competitions your list will grow and grow.

You will likely need more equipment such as TheraBand(s) or foam rollers for warm up and cool down, earphones & music device (often your phone these days) for mental preparation and visualisation (and probably a charger just in case).

And if you’re doing really well you’ll start adding Passport, flight tickets, plug converters and travel-sized bottles to your list!

To help get you to that auspicious day, here’s a Competition Packing List 

And here’s the Top Tip;

Clear your bed

Get every item on your list and Put It On Your Bed

Check the items off against the list while they’re on the bed

and check a second time as they go into your competition bag.

Items on Bed - comp bagBest of luck!


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