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Dealing with Competition Nerves for Newbies

Butterflies - also known as nerves -

Butterflies - also known as nerves - learn how to control worries at competitions -

How to tame your butterflies.

Everyone who has had to face a pressure situation knows what it feels like to have the butterflies fly around in the tummy.  For Youngsters (or Newbies of any age for that matter) facing their first competition, how we are lead to think of the sensations associated with “pre-performance nerves” will colour every encounter with those sensations for quite some time.

Step one in taming the butterflies is:

When we notice the butterflies for the first time, it’s important to make friends with them.  I often encourage my young skaters to try and figure out how many there are and to name them (Bob seems to be everyone’s butterfly at some stage).

Step two is knowing what you’re going to have to do for them:

Step 3 is realising what well trained butterflies can do for you:

Step 4 is the training:

The more often we compete, the more often we can train the Butterflies…because they don’t come out in practice very often.

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