Pilates for Ice Dancers

(and other disciplines)

In previous posts, various off ice training methods have been recommended, but in this post we are fortunate to have a collaboration from one of our former ice dance students who was a British medallist and International competitor.

Let’s introduce Lindsey. Not only has this young entrepreneur been a skater, she has performed as pro skater in shows around the world, been an aerial artist on Hoop and Silks, has a degree in Sports Rehabilitation and is the Founder, Owner and Clinical Director at Clinic Equilibrium Pilates Studio in Cheshire (and a Mum to boot!).

Lindsey’s extraordinary experience gives her a unique understanding of the physical challenges skaters face to meet the requirements of the new judging system and the areas of the body that need extra care to build strength and reduce the risk of injury.

We look forward to bringing you a series of videos with exercises to use as part of your warm ups, work outs and cool downs to take care of your body in the sport you love.


Give these a try!

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