All Stop!

As the world is reeling and hits the brakes to contain Covid-19, Sport feels the negative G’s from the sudden deceleration.

The moment pictured above, from Bulgarian Ice Dance team Mina & Chris’ performance at European Championships in January, sums up the feeling for every skater right now!

But, while there were lows at the cancellation of the World Figure Skating Championships, we are truly saddened by the tragic losses of life across so many countries and grateful to those instrumental in the care and protection of those affected.

Figure Skating competitors live by a gruelling calendar and punishing personal goals and it would be natural to feel a loss of motivation and sense of direction during rink closures. This is also true of those who love to skate recreationally and will miss their weekly fix of activity.
But, if there is one thing we’ve learned from being a Olympians it is that this quote is a simple truth

The important thing in the Olympic Games is not to win, but to take part; the important thing in Life is not the triumph, but the struggle…

Pierre de Coubertin

While you may not be able to engage in training with your usual physical strategy (on the ice), now is a perfect time to get tactical!

Reflect, plan, prepare and be ready for the “B” of the BANG, when the world is allowed to start the race again.

Whether we are skating for the joy of the cool air whooshing by as we skate, the personal satisfaction of mastering a new skill, or pursuing competitive heights, we will all be glad to return to our beloved ice when the World is well enough again.

Over the coming weeks we will be publishing some inspirational posts to help Social Ice Dancers and Competitive Ice Dancers alike. Check in with us as updates will pop up on our home page regularly.

Stay Safe, Stay Strong, See you soon

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