Start Ice Dancing!

We’re so pleased to start this series of home study videos to help you start Ice Dancing.

We have named the series “Step Scholar” and we kick things off with not 1, not 2, but 3 short videos to commence your ice dancing practice.

First we revise the building block steps of Ice Dance at the introductory level. You may be familiar with these steps from the SkateUK syllabus.

  • Forward Progressive Runs (or just Runs)
  • Open Chasses (or just Chasses)
  • Slide Chasses
  • Cross-rolls
  • Swing Rolls (or just Swings)
  • Cross-roll swings
Basic Steps Video no.1
Basic Steps Video no.2

And now lets really start Ice Dancing. Follow along with the Canasta Tango.
Canasta Tango Follow-Along Tutorial

We’ll be uploading new videos covering various Ice Dance Pattern Dances often played at Dance Socials, so you can get the steps in your head ready for your next Social Dance event.

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If you’d like to learn more, try our next episode with the Rhythm Blues

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