Next Steps in Ice Dancing

Welcome to episode 2 of the Step Scholar Series. Lets get stuck in with your next steps in Ice Dancing.

This time we will be learning the Rhythm Blues.

Each dance has at least one highlight that set it apart from other dances. The main one for the Rhythm Blues being a series of 3 consecutive cross behind steps also known as closed chasses right at the end.

It’s a great idea to practice this series of 3 cross behinds in our sneakers or training shoes to get a nice tight tuck behind of the feet with each step. You’ll notice your demonstrator (Marika) emphasises this point 🙂

We’ve posted these videos to our YouTube Channel, so if you have Chromecast or AirPlay for your TV, you can throw this tutorial onto the big screen and follow along. Just make sure you move the coffee table so you don’t kick it with a beautifully stretched free leg!

At the time of writing this article, most people are unable to get into an Ice Rink due to Covid-19. Being able to see how the dance looks on the ice is a form of effort-free visualization, a powerful psychological training tool used by top athletes, so even just watching, you’ll be training your mind. For more tips on this skill, check out our Imagery article

But, to feel the full benefit, get up and follow along!

We’ve recorded off ice versions too, so you will know that what you’re doing on dry land is correct.

And, we’ve got a little pop quiz for you at the end. You can practice with the music and without any prompts and see how you get on. (it’s all about repetition!)
Rhythm Blues This Way…..Follow Me!

If you’re enjoying the content, leave us some comments (on our YouTube Channel) and let us know what you think.

When you’re ready, take the next steps in Ice Dancing with the next episode – Riverside Rhumba


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