Psychology Sunday

Highlighting mental skills for Ice Skating -

It can be easy to focus so much on our Physical performance that the Mental or Psychological part gets neglected.

It is important to take a little time each week to train the Admiral of the fleet…your mind!

In a field of skaters with similar skating abilities, it will be the skater able to hold their nerve who prevails most often, and in the face of adversity, those skaters with robust mental toughness will bounce back with new resolve. We all want to be “that” skater!

Whether you are a competitive skater or skate for pleasure, an organised and disciplined mind makes for better engagement in our sport. There are Psychological skills or tools for every aspect of sport. But there is no quick fix, you have to grow them and nurture them in the garden of your mind.

In our first video on Psych Skills we’ll give you an overview of how to set goals, the foundation on which your mental toughness can be built. Goals interlink with many areas of psychological strength as a flexible system of support for your performance from grassroots to excellence.

So give us just 3 minutes (less than a Junior Long Programme), to remind you about this important Foundation Skill. Add it to your tool kit or use this as a reminder to update your goals and build you portfolio of Mental Toughness.

Goals Setting in 3 and a half minutes!

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