Step Scholar episode 3

Learn Ice Dances with us online

Yay! It’s Riverside Rhumba day 🙂

This dance has a few special moves that make it stand out from other entry level (forward only) Pattern Dances. To be sure you get familiar with them, we’ve slowed those down with a little extra detail for you. Follow along to get a feel for them, rewind and try again if you need to….”video me” won’t mind repeating it for you.

Top Tip! If I’m moving too quick, you can slow the video down by changing the Playback speed!

A picture guide to changing the playback speed on YouTube
1: Click Settings (or the 3 dots top right corner on a phone version)
2: Click Playback Speed
3: Select your speed (0.5 is 50% slowed down)

After the on ice demos we’ll practice an off ice walk through together and then learn the timing with prompts. Blue for Left foot & Red for Right. There’s only background music at this stage, we aren’t holding timing to it (although it is nice).

When you feel ready, there’s rehearsal music at the end of this tutorial so you can try the dance without any prompts and build your confidence to fly solo.

We hope you enjoy this mellow tune as a little throw back from the 1980’s.

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