Jam packed, Maple Rag

Tracey Wilson & Rob McCall

Today is another Olympic treat brought to us by Tracey Wilson and the late Rob McCall.

This routine, full of quick footwork, unusual highlights and charmingly nuanced choreography secured the Bronze medal for the Canadian duo in the Calgary Olympics 1988.

Of all the aspects of this routine I have to say my favourite is how they skate their quick footwork sequences as if their feet are part of the music, both rhythmically and melodically. And those quick hold change sequences through their first tune reflect their excellent partnering skills to stay so close and consistent. Loads to be admired here!

Skated for their home crowd, this is a wonderful example of getting the audience hyped with how a routine opens, flows and builds to the finale.

As this is Olympic footage it cannot be embedded in our website for copyright reasons. But you can follow the link below to it’s host, YouTube.

Enjoy the Maple Leaf Rag HERE

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