Spoiler alert – this is a tear jerker

Rahkomo & Kokko of Finalnd

Or at the very least a skin tingler

For Susanna Rahkomo and Petri Kokko, Finland’s most successful Ice Dance team, the climb to top ranks was marked with many, many avant-garde and challenging routines.

Coached and mentored by Martin Skotnicky, this duo brought their contemporary dance inspirations into their style and into their music choices. Their unique blend of beautiful and unusual lines, skilled musicality and innovation in lifts made them a firm favourite with Ice Dance Fans. This routine became their big break through, gaining their first European Championship medal.

Skating to Valse Triste (literally Sad Waltz) by Finnish composer Sibelius, this Free Dance captures a wistful romantic ambience. Rahkomo and Kokko’s moments of near complete stillness in motion (used in a way that only skating can) convey deep, heart wrenching resonance. Their choreography is beautifully phrased to allow space for the audience to absorb the shapes, energy and emotion.

If your skin hasn’t tingled by the time they get to their last few moves, check your pulse.

Thanks Susana and Petri….it’s been emosh <3