A tribute to the Fresh Faces

Silverstein & Pekarek in an ice dance lift

Young talented Ice Dancers

There are moments in Figure Skating when fresh talent is fighting to establish itself on the international scene. These are often the times that fans really get to see their best work. The spark that sets these young talented Ice Dancers apart.

This week our pick is dedicated to teams who, in these performances, gave us that spark. The effervescence and buzz of their promise and potential resulting in “stand alone” routines that are exhilarating to watch again and again. The example we have for you today can be classified as truly inspirational.

This fresh-faced American duo had already created a buzz storming to the 1999 Junior World Ice Dance title. Then they burst into the Senior World Championship in 2000 with this outstanding Free Dance.

Young, talented Ice Dancers, Jamie Silverstein & Justin Pekarek skated with an energy that leapt off the screen.

They had originality in their lifts and their transitions demonstrated a new fluid style. These qualities became more and more the vogue over the following seasons. With confident presentation, smooth fast twizzles and looping changes of dance holds you’d be forgiven for thinking these skaters had been competing at World Championships for many seasons.

At just 16 & 18 respectively, this was without doubt an outstanding performance, but unfortunately was also the last time we would see this team together on the World figure skating scene.

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Ice Dancers training with ISL Coaches Marika & Vitaliy Baranov at Lee Valley Ice Centre in London.
Newly formed Ice Dance Team, Patricia & Theo hard at work on their moves

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