Wild and New: The Duchesneys Ice Dance

Wild, New Ice Dance: Isobel & Paul Ducheney Tribal Free Dance

Isobelle and Paul Duchesney made a dramatic change in bringing a wild and new style to the Ice Dance event in the 1988 Olympics. A change brought about with their new choreographer, Olympic Gold Medallist Christopher Dean that boosted their notoriety on the World Figure Skating stage.

Taking risks to reach new heights in Ice Dance

It’s fair to say that this Free Dance flew in the face of the rules at the time. Current moves like choreographic-slides were not a thing back in the 80’s. Sliding on your knees and butt could draw huge point deductions. It was a big risk, but a calculated one. Few would disagree that Isabel and Paul Duchesnay’s Wild Tribal Dance excited tv audiences and brought a new energy to the Ice Dance event in its wake.

Ice Dance has occasionally come under fire in the media, with questions over its status as a sport event. It was the last Figure Skating discipline to be adopted as a full Olympic Sport event back in 1976.

However, the Ice Dance discipline has evolved over its 12 appearances in the Winter Games. With constant advances in the agility and skill of it’s athletes. Some may say Ice Dance has changed beyond all recognition since its induction to Olympic status. This is in part thanks to performances like this one from the Duchesneys.

Anyone who doubts the athleticism of Ice Dance needs to check out the fierce pistol squat and lunge sequences that Paul Duchesnay bounds through in this routine. This skater has Quads of steel!

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