Ice Skating Lessons in London are coming back!

Happy Ice Skater girl with her ice skating boots

We are so happy to be able to Ice Skate again!

Yes! We are all very excited to hear that the Lee Valley Ice Rink will be opening from Monday 17th August and we can offer you Ice Skating Lessons in London once again.

But, before you pop down to the ice rink for your first ice skating lesson, there are some things that you need to know about the new operating rules at Lee Valley Ice Rink.

Ice Skating hours limited

The Ice Rink is expected to be open from 8am to 1pm Monday to Friday.

This is for skaters with pre-booked lessons only.

There will be NO PUBLIC SKATING Sessions to start with. The Ice Rink will also be CLOSED on EVENINGS and WEEKENDS.

These limited hours are to ease us all back in to the “new normal” and make sure everyone stays safe.

Do I need to wear a Mask in the Ice Rink?

When you enter the Ice Rink Building everyone should have their mask on.

You aren’t required to wear a mask while you are Ice Skating.

However, you should put your mask back on when you exit the ice and prepare to leave the rink.

Chaperones and Parents accompanying their child/skater should wear their mask at all times in the ice rink.

Limited Skater numbers

Only 20 Skaters will be allowed on the ice at any time to aid Social Distancing. There is an Ice User Register to track numbers and keep us all within the new rules for opening.

Your Ice Coach will liaise with the Ice Rink to get you on the Ice User Register at the correct time for your lesson.

If there are no spaces on the register at your preferred lesson time, you may need to check with your Ice Coach for other times when the ice is quieter.

Can I book my Ice Skating Lesson online?

Our online booking system is currently switched off. This is because we must make sure a lesson booking is synched with the Ice User Register.

We hope to be able to bring this convenient method for booking your Ice Skating Lessons back as soon as we possibly can.

In the mean time, you can contact us with your Ice Skating Lesson request at

Ice Rink open for Lessons only

All Skaters need to have a pre-booked Ice Skating lesson and one of the 20 places on the Ice User Register to come skating. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to come and Ice Skate just for practice at the moment.

Contactless payment for Social Distancing

Please come prepared with your contactless payment card or Apple Pay enabled Smartphone to pay at reception for your ice.

Ready, Steady, Get your skates on

Weather permitting, all warming up should be done outside to prepare for your Ice Skating Lesson.

Skaters are encouraged to lace up their skates (with guards on) outside the Ice Rink, in your car if possible.

Each Ice Coach will have a zone in the Ice Rink. Your Coach will share this information with you when you book your lesson.

Skaters should enter the Ice Rink and walk around the rink (anti-clockwise, go right after reception) to their Coach Zone where you can place your skate bag, water bottle and tissues.

Keep it clean, keep safe

Skaters! Be really kind to the Ice Rink staff and please take your used tissues etc and put them in the bin immediately.

End of Lesson means end of Session

To help more skaters to come and take their Ice Skating lessons, Skaters will only be allowed on the ice for the duration of their lesson. As a result, as soon as your lesson is over it is the end of your skating session. The Ice Rink Management expect that this early opening restriction may be relaxed over time.

Time to say Goodbye

When your Ice Skating Lesson is over it is important to gather your belongings and make your way out of the rink quickly.

This will make space for the next Ice Skaters to enter the building.

The exit route is to follow the anti-clockwise direction around the rink, through skate hire and out through the customer service office at the front of the Ice Rink.

Edit: Please note, this post was published after Lockdown no.1.

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