Get fit Ice Skating!

Why choose Ice Skating to get fit?

If you want to get fit, you want to get Ice Skating!

The health benefits of learning to Ice Skate literally cover the entire body. Ice Skating is a cardio workout great for your heart and circulation. It’s a strength workout that builds muscle strength and tone. It’s also a balance workout that challenges coordination which in turn stimulates our little grey cells in our brain. But you’ll barely notice that your body is working as it is just so much fun! And that means your body is flooded with mood lifting happy hormones, endorphins 🙂


Learning to Ice Skate can improve posture if we learn good habits. One of the biggest posture problems in modern society comes from hunching over mobile phones and slouching at office desks.

To Skate well we aim to develop great alignment from Head to Toe. It helps our balance, muscle tone and power.


Which brings us to the next link in the chain. Whether learning Figure style or Hockey style, we learn to carry our mid-section to be able to balance. This allows us to change direction using our body weight over the blade. This develops not only better posture but also agility and flexibility in the core of the body.


If your knees and or hips aren’t happy when you jog or run, then there is good news. Ice Skating has a smooth gait. Basically our body weight doesn’t bounce and drop as we skate. Rather it is closer to being on an elliptical trainer at the gym or swimming breast stroke. This motion is low impact for the knees, hips and spine.


Because when we Ice Skate we are pushing ourselves along, the leg muscles of the thighs and the calves get an excellent workout. Whether we are an experienced ice skater refining our skills or a beginner getting to grips with the basics, the planes of motion we learn to control give those limbs a workout that rivals many sports.

Want to learn how to have fun and get fit on the ice?

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