Ice Skating YouTube

Did you know we have a YouTube Channel?

Well yes, we do! You’ll find our playlists and videos on YouTube are jam packed with handy Ice Skating tips, no matter your age or ability.

Want to brush up your technique? Make our YouTube Channel your go-to for topping up your Ice Skating knowledge.

You’d do well to check out our playlists dedicated to sharing tutorials for many kinds of ice skating steps and skills. If you subscribe and you’ll never miss our latest addition.

Already grasped the basics and want to learn some Ice Dances?

Ready to flex your skills? Then try our Step Scholar follow-along tutorials to learn the introductory Ice Dances. Ice Dance can be competitive, but is also a wonderful social activity. Once you know a few dances, attending an Ice Dance Social can be a great way to meet new ice skating friends.

Training to compete and be the best?

Yes, we’ve got a treat for you. The difference between “the best” and “the rest” is often mental skills. Our first two videos focus on Goal Setting and Imagery. This series is set to expand very soon, so try out our practical tips in the current posts and then subscribe to get the next videos before your competitors! We’ve also got blog articles to help you prepare for first tests, be organised and in the zone for your competitions and suggestions for fun off ice workouts to build strength.

Old School Ice Skating on YouTube

Aside from learning loads from our YouTube channel, you can also get inspired. We have playlists full of great performances from the World Championships and Olympic Games. But inspiration doesn’t always come from watching virtuosos. Sometimes it’s seeing people we relate to having fun with their ice skating, and we’ve got that for you too!

We hope you enjoy our content on YouTube. We’re always ready to take requests 🙂

Marika & Vitaliy – Your friendly local Winter Olympians

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