Ice Skating TikTok

Join us Ice Skating on TikTok!

It’s official, IceSkating.London is now bringing ice skating to TikTok, the worlds’ favourite social media platform.

We’ll be sharing Ice Skating tips, funnies and more for anyone wanting to get into Ice Skating of any kind.

But you won’t be learning from just anyone…no!

You’ll be getting the inside scoop from British Winter Olympians and World Class competitors.

Get to know the Ice Skating Coaches

The ISL Ice coaches are a friendly bunch, but why take our word for it when you can see for yourself.

Join our TikTok community and get to know skating enthusiasts, just like you!

Offers and Events

Everybody knows TikTok is the best place to stay in the loop for the lastest trends and to connect with kindred spirits for your favourite niche. Thats why we’ll be posting special content just for all of you lovely Ice Skating nerds out there because, you’re part of our tribe!

More than 1 way to get to know us

Don’t forget, we’ve also got loads of great content for learning to skate on our YouTube channel.

Like what you see?

Of course you will!

Then grab yourself a lesson with one of our coaching team.

If you’re South of the Thames or North of the river, we’ve got you!

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