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Free Ice Skating Tutorials

Ice Skating Tutorials with helpful Illustrations

Alignment illustrated for ice skating skills

Expanding your Ice Skating Skill vocabulary? Longing to have smooth control over your skills? Our free online ice skating tutorials reveal technique through targeted exercises that build awareness, placement and confidence.

Free? Really?

Yes! Hosted on our YouTube Channel. We call them Technical Tuesdays, and each video explores a step, turn or edge skill.

Winter Olympian & 5 times British Champion, Marika Humphreys-Baranova shares tips for developing your technique

Are Free Ice Skating tutorials really all that helpful for learners?

Here’s what our subscribers have to say about our tutorials

This is the cleanest and best introduction to the FO Mohawk that I’ve ever seen. Thank you!

Sigrid Dahlberg

So helpful and well-filmed and edited. Thank you.


Awsome lesson

Ronnie Sturchio

Thank you so much!! at last a video explaining how to do it !!


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