Why is Ice Skating Fun?

Ice-Skating is such a fun way to exercise because it is a great leveller.

Unless someone in your squad is used to rollerblading, everyone will be starting from scratch.

With more mainstream sports and pass-times like football, basketball or tennis there’s usually at least one friend in your group who is the experienced one.

Ice Skating: Exercising, having fun, and totally forgetting about it all

As Ice-Skating Coaches, we have spent huge quantities of time working on public ice-skating sessions. Here are some things we notice about newbies of all ages.

Cautious start.

It’s both natural and sensible to be a little careful when first taking to the ice.

99.9% of public ice skating sessions begin with the majority of skaters holding on to or near the barrier.

Getting comfortable

Within 15 to 20 minutes, skaters begin to get braver and venture away from the side.

You won’t want to get off

Before the end of a session, skaters are often enjoying skating so much that they build up a lot of speed which is usually right before they realise, they can’t stop.

Without a doubt, very few people want to get off the ice without “one more go around”.

If you’d like to build some skills, a lesson or two can really help

Like Eminem says “lose yourself in the moment”

Those 3 stages of a session really show how Ice Skating can boost mood and confidence in such a short space of time.

Ice Skating is the opportunity to get absorbed in a challenge and chase the thrill of moving fast under your own steam.

An exhilarating pairing of physical activity and a big dose of happy for the mind.

Some people compare the sensation of Ice Skating to the freedom they’ve felt from riding a motorbike.

Marika Humphreys-Baranova OLY

So if you have really enjoyed the sensation of ice skating there are so many ways to build your skills to suit your vibe.

Taking Ice Skating Fun to the next step

The links in the list below feature YouTube videos about different types of Ice Sports.

Family Fun Ice Skating Photo by cottonbro from Pexels
Family and friends can share the fun when you skate together
Ice Hockey Game in progress
Ice Hockey, the ultimate fast paced team game
A FreeStyle Skater shows a stunt
Free Style Ice Skating where there are no rules and the only limit is your imagination
Winter Olympian, Marika Baranova in a layback spin - iceskating.london
Figure Skating, can get you in a spin

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