What is the trick to Ice Skating?

Is there a trick to Ice Skating?

Let’s face it, a first try at Ice Skating is a bit of a rude awakening. Why isn’t Ice Skating as easy as it looks? If there is a TRICK to Ice Skating, it is to be calm when taking first steps. Read on and learn the tricks from your friendly local Winter Olympians.

After watching Dancing on Ice or the Winter Olympics, most folks approach the ice feeling certain that it can’t be that hard.

Newsflash! Olympic skaters have gone through more than 15 years of intense training. The whole point of competitive skating of any kind is to make it look effortless.

In other news: Dancing on Ice Celebs undergo an intense course of learning. They are also helped in their routines by Professionals.

Ice Skating like a pro is not easy. It takes more than 1 trick to become fantastic, but…

…we are here to help you on your way!

We have tips and tricks to help your Ice Skating on our TikTok and YouTube platforms

We’ll guide you to get started safely, keep more control, and get the most out of a day out Ice Skating.

Tie your ice skates properly

Pull the laces snug to firm on the front eyelets and then

Criss-crossing the laces up all the hooks heading up the ankles while pulling them snug to firm

Finish by tying a secure double bow and tuck away any excess lace if needed

Practice walking in your new footwear. If you struggle to walk, you will struggle to skate.

Check that you can hold your ankles and feet in good straight alignment.

If your feet flop inwards or outwards, take a moment to practice correcting that and develop some awareness of it.

You might also need to check your boots are laced tight enough.

Step on the ice gently and hold on to the side wall as you go

Keep one hand on the side wall as you step on and check your balance. Always take your time.

Organise your feet into a “V” shape. Heels close and toes apart. Bend your knees.

Start by taking very small flat-footed steps keeping your toes facing out and your heels close.

Ok, you’ve stared at your feet to make sure you got that right. Now, slowly try doing the same while looking straight ahead.

Try a glide

Walk a few “V” steps to build momentum. Then place your feet parallel and flat (no toe or heel bias).

Now imagine you are on a conveyor at the airport….let your skates and the ice carry you along as you stand still.

Bonus tip, while gliding keep your knees and ankles a little bend, like a mini squat. It is a more stable stance to glide.

Mastered the basics? Want more?

Check back soon for our next article on How to avoid big falls (mostly)

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