Beat the Summer Heat with Ice Skating

Summer heat is revving up in London, so what better way to beat the heat of the streets and stay cool than to come Ice Skating!

Are you looking for holiday activities for the kids? Seeking a refreshing activity with the thermostat turned down? Ice Skating is a great way to be active and beat the heat from London streets.

We have Licensed Coaches based in North and South London Venues to welcome you onto the ice. An Ice Skating lesson can show you how to enjoy Ice Skating safely. You can book online here

Ice Skating Beats the Heat, Stay cool in an Ice Rink

Would you be surprised that Indoor Ice Rinks (especially in the UK) are cool not cold? Typically the temperature is not much colder than the chiller aisle in a supermarket. Although the New Lee Valley Ice Centre runs a little extra cool, but getting out of the city summer heat we think that’s just a bonus!

Burn calories without burning up

Did you know that Ice Skating is a great aerobic activity for all the family? You can find out more about the health benefits of Ice Skating here.

Lucky Londoners enjoy all year Indoor Ice Rinks

Did you know that many Ice Rinks in Europe close during the summer months? How lucky that in the UK we can enjoy Indoor Ice Skating throughout the Summer months. An Ice Skating session is a great way to be active without over-heating, avoiding UV damage of midday sun and sharing fun with friends and family.

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