Can I learn Ice-Skating at over 30?

Yes! You can learn Ice-Skating after age 30. Ice-Skating is not only learned by children.

How we learn Ice-Skating changes once we are full-grown adults, but even when we are in our 30’s, 40’s and more, it is still a very enjoyable and beneficial activity.

Do you want to know about the health benefits of learning Ice-Skating? Check out our article “Get Fit Ice-Skating” to get the complete run-down.

Ways to learn Ice-Skating at over 30

DIY Learn to Ice-Skate

Yes, you can show up on a public Ice-Skating session and just give it a try. There are no rules saying that you have to take any kind of lessons. The challenge of figuring out how things work is good for the mind and body. Warning: you will find yourself saying “wow, it’s really slippy”, everyone does!

Take a course – Adult Learn to Ice-Skate Classes

Taking a class is a very popular option. The benefits are:

  • You will get to learn with a professional teacher
  • Be with other people of your age going through the same thing as you
  • Classes are usually arranged as a 6-week course
  • The deal will often (but not always) include skate hire and session ticket…Bargain!

For information on Classes at your nearest Ice Rink, visit their website and follow any “Learn to Skate” buttons.

Online Learn to Ice-Skate tutorials

If you are on a Learn to Skate course and want to top up your coaching time, there are many online tutorials available to gen up between lessons. Even if you aren’t enrolled on a skate class, you could still use these to help learn to Ice-Skate on a budget.

A still frame from an YouTube tutorial featuring ice skating coach, Marika Humphreys-Baranova demonstrating technique.
Join our online community of Adult Learners benefiting from these detailed tutorials

Our IceSkating.London professional coaches have created a YouTube series specifically designed for Adult Beginner Ice-Skaters. Our tutorials are organised to guide your progress, so no worrying about what order to try the videos…just do the next one on the list!

Solo or Shared Ice-Skating Lessons for age 30+

So many grown-ups expect that Solo coaching is only for “serious” ice-skaters training for the Olympics. Not true! Taking a lesson can be a great way to get very individual coaching to speed up your progress. If you are interested in taking a Solo lesson, we even have a handy online booking page powered by Acuity.

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