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Can I learn Ice-Skating at over 30?

Couple Learn to Ice Skate outdoors

It's never too late to learn to skate #over 30

Yes! You can learn Ice-Skating after age 30. Ice-Skating is not only learned by children.

How we learn Ice-Skating changes once we are full-grown adults, but even when we are in our 30’s, 40’s and more, it is still a very enjoyable and beneficial activity.

Do you want to know about the health benefits of learning Ice-Skating? Check out our article “Get Fit Ice-Skating” to get the complete run-down.

Ways to learn Ice-Skating at over 30

DIY Learn to Ice-Skate

Yes, you can show up on a public Ice-Skating session and just give it a try. There are no rules saying that you have to take any kind of lessons. The challenge of figuring out how things work is good for the mind and body. Warning: you will find yourself saying “wow, it’s really slippy”, everyone does!

Take a course – Adult Learn to Ice-Skate Classes

Taking a class is a very popular option. The benefits are:

Online Learn to Ice-Skate tutorials

If you are on a Learn to Skate course and want to top up your coaching time, there are many online tutorials available to gen up between lessons. Even if you aren’t enrolled on a skate class, you could still use these to help learn to Ice-Skate on a budget.

Beautifully shot tutorials giving you all the details

Our IceSkating.London professional coaches have created a YouTube series specifically designed for Adult Beginner Ice-Skaters. Our tutorials are organised to guide your progress, so no worrying about what order to try the videos…just do the next one on the list!

Private Ice-Skating Lessons for age 30+

So many grown-ups expect that Private coaching is only for “serious” ice-skaters training for the Olympics. Not true! Taking a private lesson can be a great way to get very individual coaching to speed up your progress. If you are interested in taking a private lesson, we even have a handy online booking page powered by Acuity.

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