Psychology Sunday – Imagery

Being able to visualise a successful skate is a powerful affirmation, but Mental Imagery requires practice to become an accurate, reliable and effective sport skill. Skaters! Practice this series of imagery exercises to improve your Visualisation.

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Step Scholar episode 4

Learn Ice Dances with us online

Today we are learning Dutch Waltz 🙂
It is the first Pattern Dance in which we encounter syncopation and a 3/4 rhythm. Follow-along and learn with British Ice Skating licensed Instructor & British Winter Olympian, Marika Baranova

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Step Scholar episode 3

Learn Ice Dances with us online

Yay! It’s Riverside Rhumba day 🙂
Join us for this lovely introductory Pattern Dance.
Tutorial includes a demo, a go-through with Step prompts, off ice, timing prompts and a self-test with music.

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Psychology Sunday

Highlighting mental skills for Ice Skating

In a field of skaters with similar skating abilities, it will be the skater able to hold their nerve who prevails most often, and in the face of adversity, those skaters will bounce back with new resolve. We all want to be “that” skater!
Read on to find out how!

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Step Scholar Episode 2

Learn Ice Dances with us online

Next up is Rhythm Blues.
Learn the steps and timing with us and practice in this follow-along video tutorial.
You’ll know so many dances ready for your next Ice Dance Social!

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