Step Scholar episode 4

Learn Ice Dances with us online

Today we are learning Dutch Waltz 🙂
It is the first Pattern Dance in which we encounter syncopation and a 3/4 rhythm. Follow-along and learn with British Ice Skating licensed Instructor & British Winter Olympian, Marika Baranova

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Bridging the gap for skaters

Mind the gap!

Introducing our new group classes for SkateUK graduates at Lee Valley Ice Centre. We’ve called them Bridge Classes and they are for skaters reaching the final few stages of SkateUK. These classes “bridge” the gap for skaters seeking continued coaching that will maintain their progress when exiting Skate UK. Bridge Class Benefits 45 minutes of […]

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Pilates for Ice Dancers

Photo courtesy of Cheshire Life

Very excited to present the first in a series of unique videos. Pilates for Ice Dancers, by an Ice Dancer! Presenting Lindsey Woolstencroft; Pilates Instructor now, but a former student of ours, an international competitor and national medallist in Ice Dance. Read on…

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Test Day for Newbies

Ice Skating Test Days. Whether we love them or dread them, there are a few things everyone should know about how they run and how to get the most out of them.

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January 6, 2019

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