Ice Dance at the Open D’Andorra

But today’s life lesson was definitely “take each moment as it comes, be brave in the face of adversity and you may be pleasantly surprised at what you can achieve”

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Throwback Thursday

In the last week before our international students Mina & Chris return to competition after recovery from major shoulder surgery, a little trip down memory lane. Ice Dancer life is full of trials, finding a partner is just one of them. But sometimes, if you’re lucky, a friend can help you in your quest. In […]

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International competitors

Meet Mina & Chris.
They compete representing Bulgaria in the discipline of Ice Dance (that’s Torvill and Dean style to us Brits).

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A day in the life of a Skating Coach, Part 3

For the second time today I am so happy to walk in to work and see two of my students this evening are already rehearsing and remembering all we worked on last time. High levels of self-motivation are an asset to any skater.

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