Can’t wait to Ice Skate?

Do you live in London? Bored of the gym? Want a new activity? You are in the right place! You’ll love learning to Ice Skate with us!

With decades of experience and a knack for explaining the finer details of learning to Ice Skate, we have enjoyed watching our students progress from beginners through to confident and skilled skaters time and time again.

Learn to Ice Skate and feel the health benefits

There are many perks for our bodies when we Ice Skate. Improved muscle tone, posture and burning calories. You can read all about them here.

Does age matter?

The short answer is no. Olympic competitive Ice Skaters often (though not always) start very young. Around 3 to 5 years old. We may not all be destined to be the next Torvill and Dean or Wayne Gretzky, but that doesn’t stop us from developing Ice Skating skills that work well and feel great, starting at any age. The satisfaction of gaining a new skill is something that most people haven’t felt since they were kids. So every day we skate there’s the opportunity to give your mood a boost (and your ego) by mastering a glide or a turn.

Where do you teach Ice Skating?

We have instructors at 2 London locations. In South London Streatham Ice and Leisure Centre and in North London, Lee Valley Ice Centre. Both Ice Rinks have indoor Olympic Event sized ice surfaces, but Lee Valley has 2 Ice Rinks! There are public transport links nearby both rinks.

If you’ve always wanted to learn to Ice Skate, then we’d be so happy to help!

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