You have Ice Skating Questions? We have experts providing answers!

FAQ’s – Questions about Ice Skating Lessons

Where do you offer Ice Skating Lessons?

We have instructors available at Lee Valley Ice Centre (North London). Please note, as of June 2023 we no longer provide coaching at Streatham Ice and Leisure Centre (South London)

How much do Ice Skating Lessons cost?

Solo and Shared Ice Skating Lessons with IceSkating.London instructors range in price starting at £15 per quarter hour, depending on your instructor and your chosen learning experience.

How long will my Ice Skating Lesson last?

Ice Skating Lessons can be booked for 15 minutes, 30 minutes and 45 minutes duration.

30 minutes is a popular lesson length to learn new skills and still have some time to enjoy practicing on your skating session.

Feet can get sore when we are new to Ice Skating boots, so go easy on your tootsies (toes) and pace yourself!

How many people can be in an Ice Skating Lesson?

Lesson prices start for solo learning experiences. 

What if I want more people to share an Ice Skating Lesson?

Use the “add-on” button to add skaters to a lesson.

What if I need to Reschedule or Cancel my Ice Skating Lesson?

If you have a change in circumstances and need to reschedule or cancel your Ice Skating Lesson, a full 48 hours notice is required to carry your lesson credit forward or issue a refund. Cancellations (or no-shows) less than 48 hours before your scheduled lesson start time, are ineligible for refunds or reschedule.

Do you do Discounts for buying/paying for a number of lessons up front?

IceSkating.London has high regard for the expertise, experience and professionalism of it’s Coaches. Lesson fees are set and non-negotiable regardless of volume. We offer sharing a lesson or joining a group class is a budget friendly way to boost Coached learning time.

More Ice Skating Questions

What should I wear when Ice Skating?A cartoon of a group of young ice skaters dressed in appropriate skating clothes

We highly recommend wearing light layers, covered legs and covered arms. It’s a good idea to remove hats, scarves and long coats before getting on the ice because they can cause accidents if they fall off and/or get under someone’s feet. Gloves or mittens are also good because there will be times when you’ll need to touch the ice to learn to stand from a sitting position (aka falling over). For toddlers and little ones, we highly recommend waterproof trousers/pants as kids are more likely to sit/fall often in their first few visits to skating.

Questions about Ice Skating Sessions

Do I have to pay to get into the Ice Rink?  

Yes. Everyone has to pay to get on the ice. There is an entry fee regardless of whether you are taking an Ice Skating Lesson. Some Ice Rinks also charge spectator fees, so it is wise to check ahead, even if you are not heading onto the ice.

Can I pay on arrival for a skate session (no lesson) or do I need to pre-book?

Most Ice Rinks are now operating on a pre-book basis. During Winter months (and while Dancing on Ice is on the TV) we highly recommend pre-booking your Ice Skating Session ticket well in advance.

How much is it to go on an Ice Skating Public Session

Each Ice Rink has their own price, so we recommend visiting their website to find out. Prices for Lee Valley Ice Centre can be found on the “Better” app, by GLL.

Is skate hire included in a Public Session ticket price?

This varies from rink to rink.

Skate hire may not be included, so do check the website of the rink for full up to date information.

Do I have to take a Lesson to get on and Skate?

No. Many people take to the ice without any tuition. A short lesson can give you some great safety and control tips that can make a visit to the ice rink more enjoyable though.

You can also get some Pro tips on how to tie your skates and more on our TikTok channel

Questions about using Tech Gadgets on the Ice

I’d like to video/take pictures of my day out ice skating, can I use my phone to film on theA cartoon image of a young person ice skating uses their mobile phone to take a selfie ice?


Mobile phones, cameras, go-pro style video and any other interactive electronic device are risky distractions while skating. When on the ice, Skaters should not use them.

Lee Valley Ice Centre has a “no devices on the ice” policy. If you’d like to capture the moment, it is safest to ask your camera-person to step off the ice for their safety and that of other ice users. (Ice users shouldn’t conduct phone/video calls or text on the ice either)

I don’t like the music playing in the Ice Rink, can I play my own if I wear headphones?


It’s really important to be able to hear public announcements, safety alerts and other people/ice users around you. Safety first!

Headphones and music players also count as electronic devices on the “not allowed” list.

Skaters must not wear and/or use ear-phones of any kind with or without music players while they are on the ice.