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Lee Valley Ice Centre, Lea Bridge Road, London, E10 7QL

How much?

Click on a lesson or class type on our online-booking page for price. Private Lessons  are 1 to 1, Instructor and Skater.

A maximum 2 people may share a private lesson.

Groups of 3 or more we advise should email us to make arrangements.


Do I have to pay to get in the ice rink?

Yes, entry fee and skate hire is required whether taking a class/lesson or not. Most public skating sessions are around 2 hours long.

Week day evenings and weekends are Peak entry fee (includes skate hire) –

  • £10.50 Adult
  • £9.50 Kids over 5yrs (Under 5yrs £6)

All other times are Off Peak with £1.50 discount for Adults and Kids over 5.
Prices correct at time of publishing.

Current Entry Prices can be found by clicking here

Do I have to take a lesson or class to come Ice Skating?

No, a class or lesson gives you tutoring on how to control your skates, move around and stay safer, but it is not required. We’ll be happy to see more folks enjoying skating with or without a lesson!

What should I wear?

Light layers, covered legs (and covered arms strongly advised).

Gloves or mittens are also good for when first learning, as there will be times you’ll need to touch the ice to learn to stand from a sitting position.

I’d like to book a few Ice Skating Lessons, how do I do that?

  1. Once you’ve picked your Instructor and clicked the first day/time you’d like to book a box will pop out with 2 choices; Continue or Add a time.
  2. Clicking “Add a Time” will save the lesson day/time you have selected to your shopping basket and allow you to browse more lesson times and days to choose.
  3. Clicking “Continue” will send you to a secure PayPal checkout to complete your booking.

I’d like to video/take pictures of my day out ice skating, can I use my phone to film on the ice?

Mobile phones and any other electronic device (cameras, go-pro style video, music players, headphones) are not permitted  on the ice. If you’d like to capture the moment, you’ll need your camera-person to step off the ice for their safety and that of other ice users. (Ice users aren’t allowed to answer phone calls or text on the ice either)

I don’t like the music playing in the Ice Rink, can I play my own if I wear “in-ear” headphones?

For the safety of all ice users ear-phones of all kinds and music players are not allowed on the ice.