Bridging the gap for skaters

Mind the gap!

Introducing our new group classes for SkateUK graduates at Lee Valley Ice Centre. We’ve called them Bridge Classes and they are for skaters reaching the final few stages of SkateUK. These classes “bridge” the gap for skaters seeking continued coaching that will maintain their progress when exiting Skate UK. Bridge Class Benefits 45 minutes of […]

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Keep Calm and Use your Warm Up

Keep Calm and Use Your Warm Up

Controlling competition nerves starts in training. There are benefits to creating a strong warm up routine both off and on the ice. No rushing in the rink and straight to the ice!! Prepare your body and your mind.

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Pilates for Ice Dancers

Photo courtesy of Cheshire Life

Very excited to present the first in a series of unique videos. Pilates for Ice Dancers, by an Ice Dancer! Presenting Lindsey Woolstencroft; Pilates Instructor now, but a former student of ours, an international competitor and national medallist in Ice Dance. Read on…

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Test Day for Newbies

Ice Skating Test Days. Whether we love them or dread them, there are a few things everyone should know about how they run and how to get the most out of them.

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January 6, 2019

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Merry Christmas!

Time to take a Break! But before we all get cosy at home for the festive period, here’s a recap of all the really handy articles we’ve released recently and the scoop on what’s to come in the New Year.

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Sore Foot Blues

Photo by Valeria Boltneva from Pexels

Ice Skaters’ feet take some serious punishment as the elements and edges skated increase in power and pressure and training weeks get longer and more intense. Establish good habits early to look after your most important tool…your feet!

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Off Ice – Work-outs that work for Figure Skaters

There’s standard off ice training, then there’s the fun stuff. Read on for some work outs that are so much fun, it won’t even feel like work!

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How did I do Coach?

So, you’ve finished your Ice Skating competition. Time to take stock and find out what all the numbers on your score sheet mean. Get some top tips here!

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Pinch those pennies

There are regularly articles floating around the internet and social media, telling the globe what the cost of being a competitive figure skater really is..there are a few inaccuracies that exaggerate the financial plight to be expected..

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October 21, 2018

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What if? – Expect the unexpected

The list of things that can go wrong and what you should do when it happens is something that most skaters only learn about when the unfortunate event occurs. Boot came undone, music stopped, forgot my routine….read on

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October 7, 2018

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Dealing with Competition Nerves for Newbies

There are four steps to taming your Competition Butterflies in this guide for Newbies to Ice Skating Competitions. Youngster or Adult, we can all relate.

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The Competition Bag

No matter who is packing the bag for competition day, they need to have thought of everything! And that is where a list comes in handy.

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How to enter an ice skating competition

Entering your first NISA Open Ice Skating Competition takes a few well-timed administrative steps. But miss one detail and you could miss out on your event!

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September 2, 2018

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Book online – it’s so easy!

You’re just a few clicks away from booking your Ice Skating Lessons with Winter Olympians, Marika & Vitaliy

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International competitors

Meet Mina & Chris.
They compete representing Bulgaria in the discipline of Ice Dance (that’s Torvill and Dean style to us Brits).

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Hello London!


Now is the perfect time to take to the ice…take an introductory lesson with us to get to grips with the basics (and to reduce the risk of ending up on You’ve Been Framed!)

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Lee Valley Skaters achieve new heights

Mina & Chris, Bulgarian Ice Dancers

It is seven years since Mina Zdravkova became a junior student with Lee Valley Ice Dance Coach, Marika Baranova. This year Mina and her ice dance partner, Christopher Davis have attained one of their biggest goals; to qualify for and compete in the ISU European Championships.

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Open Junior Ice Dance Try Out

Attention Ice Dance Girls! This is an Ice Partner Search!
If you are 13-15 years of age, level 8+ in FM, PD, SD or FD, we want to meet you at an Open Junior Ice Dance Try Out!
Monday 8th April, 7-10:45am at Lee Valley Ice Centre

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