Jam packed, Maple Rag

Tracey Wilson & Rob McCall

Jam packed, Maple Rag!
See Wilson and McCall claim Olympic Bronze with this unforgettable routine. Masterful use of shape, nuance, blade control and team work.

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Step Scholar episode 3

Learn Ice Dances with us online

Yay! It’s Riverside Rhumba day 🙂
Join us for this lovely introductory Pattern Dance.
Tutorial includes a demo, a go-through with Step prompts, off ice, timing prompts and a self-test with music.

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Psychology Sunday

Highlighting mental skills for Ice Skating

In a field of skaters with similar skating abilities, it will be the skater able to hold their nerve who prevails most often, and in the face of adversity, those skaters will bounce back with new resolve. We all want to be “that” skater!
Read on to find out how!

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The definition of unison

Gordeeva & Grinkov

Today we’re heading back to 1989 to witness the definition of Unison.
A faultless performance following a break due to injury…be inspired by Ekaterina Gordeeva & the late Sergei Grinkov

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Feel the burn Friday….

So far this week we’ve been entertained by Katerina Witt, Klimova & Ponomarenko and Gary Beacom. We’ve also had a chance to revise our basic ice dance steps and two of our Entry level Ice Dances, Canasta Tango and Rhythm Blues. Phew! Today we have an excellent follow-along video from one of our former Ice […]

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March 27, 2020

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Out of the box? There never was one for this skater…

Gary Beacom

If one routine could sum up a skater, then perhaps this one captures the essence of the dude that is Gary Beacom. Figure Skating, explorer, innovator, engineer & test pilot. I bet you’ll try at least one of his moves from this routine when the rinks open up again!

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Step Scholar Episode 2

Learn Ice Dances with us online

Next up is Rhythm Blues.
Learn the steps and timing with us and practice in this follow-along video tutorial.
You’ll know so many dances ready for your next Ice Dance Social!

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A Dance so beautiful, it was adopted!

Klimova & Ponomarenko 1987

Our performance today was from an Ice Dance team who had it all.
For spectators, they were a pure delight every single year they competed. For aspiring Ice Dancers in training, they were the people you worked to emulate. Today is Klimova and Ponomarenko day!

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Step Scholar Launches!

Learn Ice Dances with us online

Learn Ice Dance steps with us.
These video tutorials feature slow-motion and basic tips for good execution.
Kicking things off with a refresher of some Basic steps and then, Canasta Tango

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A Carmen like no other

Katerina Witt as Carmen

This is the first in a series of retrospectives, giving props to inspirational performances from the great and the good of the Figure Skating World.
As a coach of a good number of skaters born after the millennium, it feels good to dust off some footage from pivotal athletes and teams from a bygone century and share these treasures with the new generation.
We start with the iconic performance of Katerina Witt as Carmen.

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All Stop!

Ice Dancers - Mia & Chris

As the world is reeling and back-pedals to contain Covid-19, Sport feels the negative G’s from the deceleration.
But, it’s a perfect time to reflect, plan, prepare and be ready for the “B” of the BANG, when the world is allowed to start the race again.

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Off Ice – Work-outs that work for Figure Skaters

There’s standard off ice training, then there’s the fun stuff. Read on for some work outs that are so much fun, it won’t even feel like work!

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