Lee Valley Skaters achieve new heights

Mina & Chris, Bulgarian Ice Dancers

It is seven years since Mina Zdravkova became a junior student with Lee Valley Ice Dance Coach, Marika Baranova. This year Mina and her ice dance partner, Christopher Davis have attained one of their biggest goals; to qualify for and compete in the ISU European Championships.

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Open Junior Ice Dance Try Out

Attention Ice Dance Girls! This is an Ice Partner Search!
If you are 13-15 years of age, level 8+ in FM, PD, SD or FD, we want to meet you at an Open Junior Ice Dance Try Out!
Monday 8th April, 7-10:45am at Lee Valley Ice Centre

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Keep Calm and Use your Warm Up

Keep Calm and Use Your Warm Up

Controlling competition nerves starts in training. There are benefits to creating a strong warm up routine both off and on the ice. No rushing in the rink and straight to the ice!! Prepare your body and your mind.

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Pilates for Ice Dancers

Photo courtesy of Cheshire Life

Very excited to present the first in a series of unique videos. Pilates for Ice Dancers, by an Ice Dancer! Presenting Lindsey Woolstencroft; Pilates Instructor now, but a former student of ours, an international competitor and national medallist in Ice Dance. Read on…

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Bittersweet success

And so, this is a salute to the meteoric score progression of Mina Zdravkova and Christopher Martin Davis in their skating season 2017.
From 88.69 to 105.58 to 114.57 in the last 3 weeks. It’s been a heck of a journey, well done!

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